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 My most recent visit to the doctor was a bit of a shocker. My doctor issued me a cholesterol screening and a few blood tests. I was in total shock when I saw the results. Here I am, 25 years old and thinking I was safe because I am relatively young without any apparent weight issues. My doctor stressed the importance for me to be more active and aware of my health. So, as you can see the kick start to a more healthy and active life style for me is not revolving around the desire to achieve a perfect physique, but to simply just be a better me.

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They are all so damn gorgeous!

How do you not have Dawn Jaro but you have Justene Jaro on here…

Elizabeth Tran


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Seriously though elizabethtran626?
My emotions are just a game to you…

Yes they are. How’d you know?


Is it wrong to find just one woman so gorgeous and amazing? Elizabeth Tran is that woman. Defiantly the most gorgeous in my eyes anyway.

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It’s Wednesday #wcw #elizabethtran

Tease’um  Tuesday @elizabethtran626 @inbed #tease #importmodel #photoshoot #inla #zhenmaster #picoftheday  (at San Gabriel Valley)

If I had a world of my own, everything would be nonsense #aliceinwonderland #takemebacktoEDC 📷 cred @vanessortega ❤️